From DC to MA: Paid Family and Medical Leave

From DC to MA: Paid Family and Medical Leave

Victory in DC!

Yesterday, the DC Council passed the Universal Paid Leave Act. More than 200 organizations, including Jewish United For Justice, worked tirelessly in conjunction with supportive legislators to win this progressive legislation.

Under the new law, all private-sector workers will be eligible for 8 weeks of paid paid parental leave (for biological, adoptive and foster parents), 6 weeks of paid family caregiving leave, and 2 weeks of paid medical leave.

Only three states currently offer paid family and medical leave: California, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. It’s time for Massachusetts to join that list!

How can we pass the Paid Family and Medical Leave Act in Massachusetts?

Tell us your about experiences!

The Paid Family and Medical Leave Act is one of the three priorities of the Raise Up Massachusetts coalition for the upcoming year. Right now, as a member of the coalition, we’re helping to collect stories of people who have experienced the need to take family or medical leave from their employment. This includes, but is not limited to: taking care of a family member; a personal injury or illness; adoption, fostering, or birth of a child.

We encourage you to tell your story if you had a positive experience with paid time off OR if you suffered because of a lack of paid family and medical leave. Please submit your story here. Your story will help us to educate legislators and members of the public and move them to support of the PFMLA.

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