Tisha B'av - A Public Lament for our Broken Immigration System

Tisha B’av – A Public Lament for our Broken Immigration System

On the saddest day of the Jewish calendar, when we fast in remembrance of destruction and exile, our community came together at the ICE office in Burlington to mourn the brokenness of our American immigration system.  As children are separated from parents-not just on the southern border, but every time a parent is put in detention for months on end, we lament. As people who seek asylum from violence and economic devastation are denied refuge, we lament.  As Muslims are denied access to their family members in the U.S. simply because of their national origin, we lament. In the face of the fear and uncertainty plaguing our immigrant communities, we lament.


Together we shared stories, sang laments, offered support to those most impacted, and called for a new vision of healing and justice.

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