Victory on the Vineyard
Bus drivers and their supporters walked a picket line in Edgartown last month.(Erin Clark for The Boston Globe)

Victory on the Vineyard

Bus drivers on Martha’s Vineyard were on strike for fair wages and safe working conditions. They had gone five years without any raises. But now they they are back to work having approved their first-ever contract, which calls for pay increases and seniority protections.

“…The Vineyard Transit Authority strike has produced an inspiring victory for Massachusetts. There was a great show of leadership from the ATU International as well as a groundswell of support from labor leaders from many unions – they came together united in support for the VTA drivers’ struggle for justice,” said MA AFL-CIO President Steven Tolman.
This is a big victory and just goes to show that when we fight, we win.
Having a Jewish voice support these workers was important: we needed to show that it was not just labor unions supporting the bus drivers, but communities around the Commonwealth doing their part for justice.

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