Domestic Workers and Employers Oral History Project


We are proud partners with the MataHari Womens Workers’ Center, a Greater Boston organization raising up the dignity of domestic work. Over the past year and a half, the NE JLC and MataHari have collected interviews of 21 domestic workers and employers, conducted by an oral historian. Smith College students and faculty are currently transcribing and translating these interviews.

We encourage you to make a donation in support the Domestic Workers and Employers Oral History Project.

With funding from the Mass Humanities Foundation, the project aims to raise awareness among domestic workers and their employers about the changing roles of each group in light of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, which went into effect in Massachusetts on April 1, 2015. The NE JLC was a key member in the Massachusetts Coalition for Domestic Workers, which led the campaign for this landmark piece of legislation. We are now focused on raising awareness and educating employers and employees alike in order to fully implement the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights. For more on the Bill of Rights, please visit the website for the Massachusetts Coalition for Domestic Workers here.


On Sunday, December 4, almost 50 participants from MataHari, the JLC, and the broader community joined together for the first event unveiling the findings of our two year long Domestic Workers and Employers Oral History project. We look forward to a full presentation of the project in September 2017. Stay tuned!

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