Raise Up Massachusetts

The New England Jewish Labor Committee is a member of Raise Up Massachusetts, a coalition of over 180 organizations from across the Commonwealth working together to create an economy that works for all of us. Raise Up Massachusetts focuses on passing legislation, both at the State House and on the ballot, that improves the lives of people and families in our state.

Raise Up Massachusetts has taken up 3 priorities for 2016-2017:

Paid Family and Medical Leave will ensure that Massachusetts workers are not forced to choose between work and their own health needs or the well-being of their children and other family members.

A Constitutional Amendment will invest in quality public schools, affordable higher education, and a transportation system that works by creating an additional tax of four percentage points on annual income above one million dollars.

A Living Wage for All will make sure that all residents in Massachusetts can earn living wage of $15 an hour, so they can make ends meet.

Join us on Tuesday, July 18 for the Fight for $15 hearing at the State House.

In the Massachusetts State House, the $15 minimum wage bill has 92 co-sponsors (70 in the House of Representatives and 22 in the State Senate) and the Paid Family and Medical Leave bill has 118 co-sponsors (93 in the House and 25 in the Senate). Click here to see if your representative and senator are co-sponsors–and call to thank them for their support!\

Help us win by sharing your experience with the minimum wage and/or family and medical leave!


For more, please visit: raiseupma.org

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