Rabbinic Advisory Council

Rabbinic Advisory Council

The New England JLC Rabbinical Advisory Council, with Rabbi Barbara Penzner as Chair, is a network of rabbis who support the work of the New England Jewish Labor Committee. The rabbis work within the Jewish community, educating and inspiring people to understand the Jewish connection to work and workers, teaching about Jewish texts and traditions related to work, and speaking about current worker issues. The rabbis also support workers in the larger community by signing petitions, leading prayers at worker gatherings, meeting with employers and business owners about worker conditions, accompanying worker delegations, writing articles, and joining workers in protests.

If you are a rabbi and would like to join the RAC, or if you would like a JLC representative to speak to your rabbi or visit your congregation, please contact Marya Axner at newenglandjlc@jewishlabor.org.


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